Best AI Clothes Remover Apps

Best AI Clothes Remover Apps (Free & Paid)

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital technology, artificial intelligence (AI) continues to revolutionize various industries, including fashion and photo editing. Among the myriad of innovative applications, AI clothes remover apps have garnered significant attention. These apps, designed to manipulate images by virtually removing clothing, are employed for purposes ranging from fun and creativity to more serious professional applications in fashion design and body modeling. This article explores the best AI clothes remover apps available, shedding light on their features, usability, and the technology that powers them.

What is AI Clothes Remover Apps

AI clothes remover apps are specialized software tools that utilize artificial intelligence to manipulate photographs by virtually removing clothing from the subjects in the images. These apps are designed to create a digital representation of a person without their clothes, often for creative or professional uses such as virtual fashion design, body analysis, or artistic projects. While these applications can be used for entertainment, they also offer practical benefits in fields like fitness modeling, where visualizing the human form without clothing can be crucial. It’s important to note that ethical considerations and privacy concerns play a significant role in the development and use of these apps.

The Technology Behind AI Clothes Remover Apps

The technology powering AI clothes remover apps is rooted in advanced machine learning algorithms and computer vision techniques. These apps leverage deep learning models, particularly convolutional neural networks (CNNs), to analyze and interpret visual data. By training these models on large datasets of human bodies and clothing, the apps learn to differentiate between various textures, colors, and shapes. This enables them to generate realistic representations of the human form beneath the clothing. Additionally, sophisticated image processing techniques are employed to ensure the seamless removal of clothes and the accurate rendering of underlying body features. This complex interplay of AI technologies ensures that the final output is both realistic and visually coherent.

Best 8 Undress AI apps:

  1. Penly AI
  2. Nudeitnow
  3. SoulGen
  4. MakeNude.Ai
  5. Undress App
  7. DrawNudes
  8. Deep-Nude.AI

#1 Penly AI

penly ai

What Does Penly AI Do?

Penly AI is an advanced artificial intelligence tool designed to assist users with a variety of creative tasks. It offers capabilities in generating text, images, and animations, providing a versatile platform for creators, designers, and marketers. The tool leverages state-of-the-art AI models to produce high-quality content that can be customized to meet specific needs.

Penly AI Main Features

Penly AI is equipped with a robust set of features, making it a powerful tool for content creation and editing. Key features include:

  1. Text Generation: Create compelling text for blogs, articles, and marketing materials.
  2. Image Creation: Generate high-quality images using AI.
  3. Animation Tools: Design and animate characters and scenes.
  4. Face Swap: Replace faces in images seamlessly.
  5. Upscaling: Enhance the quality of low-resolution images.
  6. Unlimited Chat: Engage in continuous conversations with the AI for brainstorming and idea generation.
  7. Comics and Anime Models: Specialized tools for creating comic strips and anime-style graphics.
  8. Priority Queue and No Watermark: Premium features for faster processing and clean outputs.

Penly AI Pricing Plans

Penly AI offers several pricing plans to accommodate different user needs. Here’s a detailed breakdown:

CreditsPrice (Discounted)Original PriceDiscount
250$9.99$19.9950% off
1000$39.99$59.9933% off
3000$109.99$199.9945% off

Penly AI Pros and Cons


  • Versatile Functionality: Offers a wide range of features for different types of content creation.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy to use with intuitive design.
  • High-Quality Outputs: Produces professional-grade text, images, and animations.
  • Affordable Pricing: Competitive pricing with significant discounts.


  • Credit-Based System: May require frequent purchases for heavy users.
  • Feature Availability: Some features are still in development and not yet available.

Penly AI is a comprehensive tool for anyone looking to enhance their creative processes with the power of AI. Its wide array of features and affordable pricing plans make it a valuable asset for both amateur and professional creators.

#2 Nudeitnow


What does Nudeitnow do?

Nudeitnow is an online AI tool designed to generate realistic nude images from clothed photos. Using advanced deep learning algorithms, it can undress AI models with precision, allowing users to customize the results by adjusting various attributes such as breast size, weight, and muscle size. This tool is particularly popular for its realistic outputs and user-friendly interface, making it a go-to for artistic projects, virtual reality simulations, fashion design, and body positivity campaigns.

Nudeitnow Main Features

  • AI-Generated Nude Models: Creates realistic nude images from uploaded photos.
  • Customization Options: Users can adjust attributes like breast size, weight, and muscle size to get the desired result.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Designed to be accessible and easy to use, even for those without technical expertise.
  • High-Quality Outputs: Known for producing detailed and realistic images.
  • Freemium Model: Offers basic features for free with options for premium enhancements.

Nudeitnow Pricing Plans

Here is a detailed breakdown of Nudeitnow’s pricing plans:

Plan NamePriceFeatures
Free$0Basic features, limited customization, watermarked images
Standard$9.99/monthEnhanced features, more customization options, no watermarks
Premium$19.99/monthAll features, full customization, priority support

Nudeitnow Pros and Cons


  • Realistic Outputs: Produces high-quality, realistic nude images.
  • Customization: Allows users to fine-tune various aspects of the generated images.
  • User-Friendly: Easy to use, with a straightforward interface.
  • Freemium Access: Basic features available for free, enabling users to try before they buy.


  • Ethical Concerns: Potential misuse for creating non-consensual images.
  • Subscription Cost: Premium features can be pricey.
  • Privacy Issues: Concerns about the security of uploaded images.

#3 SoulGen

What Does SoulGen Do?

SoulGen is an advanced AI-powered art generator that transforms text prompts into visually captivating images. Whether users are aiming to create realistic portraits, anime-style characters, or imaginative scenes, SoulGen leverages cutting-edge AI technology to bring these visions to life. This tool is designed for a wide range of users, from professional artists to hobbyists, enabling them to generate unique and personalized artworks efficiently.

SoulGen Main Features

1. Text-to-Image Generation: SoulGen’s primary feature allows users to convert detailed text descriptions into corresponding AI-generated images. This opens up creative possibilities for those who may not have traditional artistic skills.

2. Versatile Image Styles: The platform supports both anime-style and realistic image creation, catering to diverse artistic preferences and project requirements.

3. Editing Tools: SoulGen offers various tools for refining images, including face swapping, inpainting (editing specific parts of an image), and outpainting (extending the boundaries of an image).

4. Iterative Refinement: Users can make incremental adjustments to their text prompts to fine-tune the generated images, enhancing the final output’s quality.

5. High-Resolution Outputs: The AI generates images at a standard size of 820×826 pixels, with an option to view and download in higher resolutions for detailed inspection.

6. User-Friendly Interface: The platform is designed to be accessible to users of all skill levels, with an intuitive interface and interactive chat-based prompt system for generating and editing images.

7. Sharing and Exporting: Completed images can be downloaded in high resolution, shared on social media, or saved for online portfolios.

SoulGen Pricing Plans

SoulGen offers several pricing plans to cater to different needs. Here’s a detailed comparison:

PlanPriceOutputs/MonthZoom ViewFace SwapInpaintingCommercial Use

SoulGen Pros and Cons


  • High-Quality Outputs: Generates stunning and detailed images across various styles and genres.
  • Ease of Use: User-friendly interface suitable for all skill levels.
  • Versatile Image Generation: Capable of producing both anime and realistic images.
  • Efficient Processing: Quickly transforms text prompts into images.
  • Editing Tools: Offers advanced tools like inpainting and outpainting for image refinement.
  • Commercial Use: Some plans include permissions for commercial use of generated images.


  • Limited Customization: May not offer the level of customization needed for very specific project requirements.
  • Default Image Size: The standard image size might not be sufficient for high-quality print reproductions.
  • Learning Curve: Users might need time to master crafting effective text prompts.
  • Subscription Cancellation: Some users have reported difficulties with canceling subscriptions.

Overall, SoulGen stands out as a powerful and versatile AI art generator, offering a range of features that cater to both casual users and professionals. While there are some limitations, particularly in terms of customization and default image size, the tool’s strengths in generating high-quality images quickly and efficiently make it a valuable asset for creative projects​

#4 MakeNude.Ai

make nude ai

What does MakeNude.Ai do?

MakeNude.Ai is an online AI tool designed to generate realistic nude images from clothed photographs. Using advanced AI algorithms, it analyzes the input photos and produces images where the subjects appear undressed. The service is entirely web-based, requiring no downloads or installations. Users simply upload photos, and the AI processes them to create the nude versions.

MakeNude.Ai Main Features

  • Realistic Image Generation: Utilizes AI trained on real photos to create convincing nude images.
  • Online Service: Operates completely online, eliminating the need for software downloads or installations.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy photo upload and processing system.
  • High-Quality Output: Provides detailed and high-resolution results.
  • Privacy and Security: Ensures user data and images are stored securely, with images kept for a month before deletion.

MakeNude.Ai Pricing Plans

PlanPriceCreditsAdditional Benefits
Basic$9.9930 image creditsFull results, no queue, 10% bonus for future orders
Pro$29120 image creditsFull results, no queue, 13% bonus for future orders
Pro Plus$49160 image creditsFull results, no queue, 16% bonus for future orders
Elite$99600 image creditsFull results, no queue, 20% bonus for future orders
Enterprise$2993000 creditsAPI access, dedicated manager, marketing plan, cheapest credits

MakeNude.Ai Pros and Cons


  • High Accuracy: Generates highly realistic nude images.
  • Convenience: Fully online service, accessible from any device with internet access.
  • Variety of Plans: Offers multiple pricing plans to suit different user needs.
  • Bonus Credits: Additional credits for future orders with every plan.
  • API Access for Enterprise: Allows resellers to integrate the service into their platforms.


  • Ethical Concerns: Potential misuse for creating non-consensual explicit images.
  • Cost: Higher plans can be expensive for some users.
  • Privacy Risks: Storing sensitive images, even temporarily, may pose privacy concerns.
  • Legality: Legal implications in various jurisdictions regarding the creation and distribution of explicit images.

#5 Undress App

undress app

What does Undress App do?

The Undress App is an online AI tool designed to create deepnude images by digitally undressing a person in a photograph. It leverages advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to generate realistic nude images from clothed pictures. The app aims to provide users with an easy and accessible way to create these images for various uses, including art and entertainment.

Undress App Main Features

  1. AI-Powered Image Processing: The core feature of the Undress App is its AI-driven technology that processes images to create realistic nudes. The sophisticated algorithms ensure high-quality results that maintain the original context and integrity of the input image.
  2. User-Friendly Interface: The app is designed with a simple and intuitive interface, making it accessible to users with varying levels of technical expertise. Uploading photos and generating results are straightforward processes.
  3. Fast Processing Time: The Undress App promises quick turnaround times for processing images, allowing users to get their results in a matter of minutes.
  4. Privacy and Security: The app emphasizes user privacy and data security. Uploaded images are processed securely, and users’ data is protected against unauthorized access.
  5. Customization Options: Users can customize various aspects of the generated images, such as the level of undress and the final appearance, to suit their specific needs and preferences.

Undress App Pricing Plans

Plan NameMonthly CostAnnual Cost

Undress App Pros and Cons


  • High-Quality Outputs: The AI technology used ensures realistic and high-quality results.
  • Ease of Use: The app is user-friendly and accessible to individuals with various technical skills.
  • Fast Processing: Quick turnaround times for generating images.
  • Privacy Assurance: Strong focus on user privacy and data security.


  • Ethical Concerns: The nature of the app raises significant ethical questions regarding consent and the potential for misuse.
  • Cost: Some users might find the pricing plans expensive.
  • Dependence on AI Accuracy: The results are highly dependent on the accuracy and sophistication of the AI algorithms, which might not always be perfect.

The Undress App provides a unique and controversial service with advanced AI capabilities, user-friendly features, and a strong focus on privacy, though it comes with notable ethical and cost considerations.


undress love app

What does do? is an AI-powered photo editing tool that uses deepfake technology to generate nude and bikini images from clothed photos. Leveraging sophisticated algorithms, it offers users the ability to create realistic transformations effortlessly. Designed for ease of use, this platform makes advanced AI accessible to a wide audience, enabling detailed image conversions without requiring specialized knowledge. Main Features

  1. Accuracy: Utilizes high-precision deepfake technology for realistic image transformations.
  2. User-Friendly Interface: Simplifies the photo editing process.
  3. Cost-Efficient: Provides free services, enhancing accessibility.
  4. Advanced AI Algorithms: Ensures detailed and accurate image conversion.
  5. Accessibility: No technical skills needed to operate. Pricing Plans

FreemiumFreeBasic features, accessible to all users
Paid PlansVariesEnhanced features, ad-free experience, priority support Pros and Cons


  • High Accuracy: Produces realistic transformations.
  • Easy to Use: Intuitive interface for all user levels.
  • Free Access: Basic services available at no cost.
  • No Expertise Required: Accessible to users without technical skills.


  • Ethical Concerns: Potential misuse for creating non-consensual images.
  • Privacy Issues: Risks related to handling personal photos.
  • Limited Free Features: Advanced options may require payment.
  • Legal Risks: Possible violations of privacy laws and regulations.

#7 DrawNudes

draw nudes

What Does DrawNudes Do?

DrawNudes is an innovative AI-powered tool designed to generate deep nudes from photos. Leveraging advanced neural network technology, DrawNudes allows users to undress any photo seamlessly and effortlessly. The platform emphasizes privacy and security, ensuring that no data is saved and that users are solely responsible for the images they create. It is primarily aimed at personal amusement and generating content for online platforms, offering a unique way for users to explore their creativity with digital art.

DrawNudes Main Features

  1. Free AI Tool: DrawNudes is available for free, allowing users to create nude images without any cost.
  2. Advanced Neural Network: The tool uses the latest AI technology to generate realistic nude images.
  3. User-Friendly Interface: The app is designed to be straightforward, making it easy for users to start creating digital art.
  4. Privacy Commitment: DrawNudes does not save any data and respects user privacy, ensuring a secure experience.
  5. Community and Support: Users can join the DrawNudes community via Telegram and explore opportunities to make money together.

DrawNudes Pricing Plans

FreemiumAccess to basic AI tools and featuresFree

DrawNudes Pros and Cons


  • Free Access: Users can access and use the tool without any charges.
  • Advanced Technology: Utilizes cutting-edge AI for high-quality image generation.
  • User Privacy: Strong commitment to user privacy and data security.
  • Easy to Use: Simple and intuitive interface for easy navigation.


  • Ethical Concerns: Potential misuse for creating non-consensual images.
  • Limited Features in Freemium: Advanced features might be limited in the free version.
  • Quality Variability: Results can vary based on the quality of the source image.
  • Responsibility on Users: Users are solely responsible for the images they create, which might pose ethical and legal challenges.

DrawNudes provides a unique and powerful tool for those interested in digital art and AI-generated content, offering both creative freedom and a commitment to user privacy. However, it also raises important ethical considerations regarding the use and creation of such images.

#8 Deep-Nude.AI

deepnude ai

What Does Deep-Nude.AI Do?

Deep-Nude.AI is an advanced AI tool designed to transform images of clothed individuals into realistic-looking nudes. Utilizing sophisticated neural networks, it processes images to “undress” the subjects, maintaining the integrity and realism of the original photos. The tool is used for both personal and professional purposes, offering new creative possibilities for photographers, artists, and designers.

Deep-Nude.AI Main Features

  • Advanced AI Techniques: Uses neural networks to convert clothed images into nude representations.
  • Multiple Variants: Known by various names like Undress AI and Nudify AI.
  • Responsible Use Encouraged: Adherence to legal regulations and proper consent is emphasized.
  • Technological Advancements: Processes multiple individuals in a photo and replaces clothing with realistic renditions.
  • Realistic Rendered Images: Enhanced image quality through sophisticated algorithms.
  • Expanded Subject Processing: Can recognize and process a wide range of subjects.

Deep-Nude.AI Pricing Plans

PlanMonthly PriceFeatures
Basic$19.99Single image processing, standard resolution, basic support
Pro$39.99Unlimited image processing, high resolution, priority support
EnterpriseCustomTailored solutions for businesses, API access, dedicated support, custom integration

Deep-Nude.AI Pros and Cons


  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy to use for both novices and professionals.
  • High-Quality Outputs: Produces realistic and high-resolution images.
  • Creative Potential: Opens up new artistic and design possibilities.
  • Privacy and Security: Processes images locally on the user’s device.


  • Ethical Concerns: Potential misuse for non-consensual image manipulation.
  • Legal Risks: Requires strict adherence to consent and legal regulations.
  • Cost: Higher pricing for premium features.

How AI Clothes Remover Apps Work

AI Clothes Remover apps utilize machine learning algorithms, particularly deep learning techniques, to analyze and manipulate images. Here’s a simplified breakdown of the process:

1. Image Processing

The app begins by processing the input image, identifying the person and segmenting the image into different components, such as the background, clothing, and skin.

2. Training Data

These apps are trained on vast datasets containing images of clothed and unclothed bodies to learn patterns and features that distinguish clothing from skin.

3. Neural Networks

Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) play a crucial role in identifying and predicting how the skin should appear underneath the clothing. These networks can generate realistic textures and shadows to create a convincing illusion.

4. Image Synthesis

The final step involves synthesizing a new image where the clothing has been digitally removed, while attempting to retain a natural and realistic appearance of the body.

Ethical Concerns

The advent of AI Clothes Remover apps has raised numerous ethical questions:

1. Privacy Invasion

These apps can easily be used to violate someone’s privacy by creating non-consensual and explicit images. This can lead to severe emotional and psychological harm to the victims.

2. Consent and Exploitation

The non-consensual creation and distribution of these images constitute a form of exploitation, potentially leading to legal repercussions for the perpetrators.

3. Cyberbullying and Harassment

AI Clothes Remover apps can be weaponized for cyberbullying and harassment, where individuals, especially women, can be targeted and humiliated online.

4. Misuse and Legal Implications

The potential for misuse is high, with individuals using these apps for blackmail, revenge porn, or other malicious activities. This necessitates a robust legal framework to address and mitigate such abuses.

Societal Impact

The proliferation of AI Clothes Remover apps can have far-reaching implications on society:

1. Impact on Mental Health

Victims of non-consensual image manipulation can experience anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues due to the violation of their privacy and dignity.

2. Trust and Relationships

The existence of such apps can erode trust in personal and professional relationships, as individuals may fear being secretly photographed and having their images manipulated.

3. Legal and Policy Challenges

Governments and regulatory bodies face the challenge of drafting and enforcing laws that protect individuals from the misuse of these technologies while balancing innovation and freedom of expression.

4. Role of Tech Companies

Tech companies have a responsibility to prevent the misuse of AI technologies. This includes implementing stringent measures to detect and block the development and distribution of unethical applications.

Final Words

In conclusion, AI clothes remover apps represent a fascinating intersection of technology and creativity. These applications showcase the remarkable capabilities of artificial intelligence in transforming digital imagery and offer a wide array of uses from entertainment to professional applications.

As the technology continues to advance, we can expect even more sophisticated and ethically sound solutions to emerge. Whether you’re a designer seeking innovative tools, a model needing precise body visualizations, or simply someone intrigued by the capabilities of AI, the best AI clothes remover apps provide a glimpse into the future of digital image manipulation.

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