Discord Launches AI-Powered Chatbot
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Discord Launches AI-Powered Chatbot

Discord, a popular social media platform, has announced the release of its own advanced chatbots, which are powered by AI. The platform’s current robot assistant, Clyde, will be updated with OpenAI technology to provide users with an even more helpful and advanced chatbot experience.

The new chatbot is being designed with a “privacy-first and optional-only approach,” and users will be able to ask questions and engage in extended conversations with Clyde. This move makes sense for Discord, as more than 30 million people already use AI apps on Discord every month, and nearly 3 million Discord servers include an AI experience.

Discord’s VP of platform ecosystems, Anjney Midha, stated that the platform is excited about the opportunities for AI to enhance various facets of human experience, and they can’t wait to see what teams around the world come up with in the years to come.

More AI Updates

In addition to the advanced chatbots, Discord has also announced several AI-powered updates to improve the platform, such as enhancing its automatic moderating system and providing “AI-generated conversation summaries” for users. The platform has also updated its $5 million ecosystem fund, which it launched last year to fund strategic partners, developers, and early-stage start-ups.

Discord is launching an AI incubator as part of that fund, to bring resources to developers that want to build AI on the platform. Discord is not alone in adopting generative AI to enhance their services; other companies such as Amazon, Meta, and Salesforce have already started adopting generative AI. Even online writing assistant Grammarly announced plans to roll out an AI-powered service next month to help users with more advanced tasks than just grammar help.

In Conclusion

Discord’s move to integrate AI onto its platform is a significant step towards enhancing the user experience. With its advanced chatbots and AI-powered updates, Discord is positioning itself as a leader in the social media platform space. It will be interesting to see how other platforms follow suit and how developers leverage the AI incubator to build innovative AI experiences on Discord.

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