European Lawmakers Take Action Against Harmful AI
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European Lawmakers Take Action Against Harmful AI

Artificial intelligence has been a growing concern among European lawmakers, and they are taking initiatives to control and regulate its development. With the rapid advancement of A.I. systems, lawmakers are strategizing ways to prevent them from causing more harm than good.

Joint Statement from European Lawmakers

Recently, a group of 12 MEPs issued a joint statement urging U.S. President Joe Biden and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen to hold a summit that would find ways to control the development of advanced A.I. systems. They believe that A.I. is developing faster than anticipated and that there is a need for significant political action.

Contrasting Opinions on A.I. Development

The MEPs’ message was in contrast to an open letter from Twitter CEO Elon Musk and other technology figures, who called for a six-month pause on A.I. development. They believe that machines could “outnumber, outsmart, obsolete and replace” humans if left unchecked. The MEPs disagreed with the “more alarmist statements” of the letter but agreed with its core message.

Potential Systems of Governance

The MEPs urged democratic and non-democratic countries to reflect on potential systems of governance and exercise restraint in their pursuit of very powerful A.I. The EU is closing in on a finished draft of the Artificial Intelligence Act, a landmark piece of legislation meant to regulate A.I.’s capacity to do harm.

The Artificial Intelligence Act

The legislation is set to expand lawmakers’ power to regulate A.I. applications, hand out fines, and measure the risk of controversial A.I. activities like “social scoring.” A key committee vote on the bill was scheduled for Wednesday but was postponed due to disruptions caused by the release of ChatGPT in November 2022. EU legislator and A.I. Act co-sponsor Dragos Tudorache believes that the legislation is a wake-up call in Europe and that lawmakers need to frame the rules more clearly.


The concerns over A.I. development are growing, and European lawmakers are taking significant actions to control and regulate it. With the Artificial Intelligence Act, they are hoping to prevent any harmful effects of A.I. and ensure that it remains a useful tool for society.

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